Pompeii, Vesuvius – The sudden eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 buried Pompeii under a 10 cm layer of ash, causing more than 30.000 deaths. But that’s even the reason why Pompeii is unique, the whole city is well preserved. Pompeii has typical right-angled roads paved with rectangular stones. The whole city conveys a vivid image of roman life through the well-preserved temples, squares, theatres, thermae (hot springs).
Naples – Naples is one of the most fascinating cities of south Italy, wonderful and culturally rich. It has a marvellous position on the coast, a mild climate, arts, museums, and, last but not least, a unique way of living life.

Example of excursion – Breakfast and departure at 8.30 with the bus directly from the hotel to Pompeii (ca. 2 hours). Visit to the excavations from 10:30 to 13:30. Then we drive on to Mount Vesuvius (ca. 1 hour). The visit takes more or less 1,5 hours. At 16:00 we continue our journey to Naples where we arrive at 17:00, opening time for shops. You have 3 hours to enjoy life and culture of Naples and do some shopping. Return approximately about 20:00. Dinner. We welcome any program change requests.

Price per adult (min. 15 participants). All prices are subject to change.
-Pompeii + Naples 28 €
-Pompeii + Vesuvius 28 €
-Pompeii + Vesuvius + Naples 30 €
– adults 10 €
– <25 and seniors 5€ - Free admission 18 and under, student groups with list. Pompeii guided tour: - groups with max. 25 participants 150 € - groups with over 25 participants 6 € per person VELIA ELEA Excavations – situated on a hill between Marina di Casal Velino and Marina di Ascea, the round tower of a Norman fortress is watching over Velia-Elea’s excavations. You can visit Greek and Roman remains, e.g. the agora, the acropolis, the southern quarter, the thermae with well-preserved mosaics, and the Porta Rosa, unique example of round arch from the Magna Grecia. The excavations are only 3 km away from the hotel and can easily be reached by bike or on foot. Example of excursion – After breakfast (10:00) 1 hour walk to Velia along a path not far from the main road. Once there, the guide will tell us about its historical and cultural development and tour us around the excavations (1 h 30 min). After a break you can decide to return to the hotel (14:00) or to join the trekking group and cross the river on foot (return 16:00). Price per person (min. 15 participants). All prices are subject to change. - half day excursion with guide 6 € Admission prices to the excavations: - adults 2€ - <25 and seniors 5€ - Free admission 18 and under, student groups with list. CAPE PALINURO From a naturalistic point of view Cape Palinuro is particularly beautiful thanks to its numerous bays and the 80m high cliffs. The cliff-lined coast presents a lot of hollows and grottoes, such as the Arco Naturale (a natural arc in the cliff) and the Grotta Azzurra, as beautiful as the homonymous grotto in Capri. Example of excursion – departure at 9:30 with a boat from Marina di Casal Velino haven. Along the picturesque coastline we’ll see Ascea, Pisciotta and then cape Palinuro (approx. 2 hours). Boat excursion along the cape Palinuro and visit to the grottoes. With a smaller boat we will visit The Grotta Azzurra (blue grotto). Afterwards we have some time to spent on one of the sandy beaches, which are almost deserted during the low season. Return to Casal Velino approx. 14:00. Price per person (groups min.15 participants): - Boat excursion to cape Palinuro, visit to the Grotta Azzurra and stop on one of the marvellous beaches 23 € PAESTUM MOZZARELLA AND SALERNO Paestum – The archaeological site of Paestum dates back 2500 years. Here you can visit two mighty Greek temples, the Hera Temples (Basilica and temple of Neptune) and a third one, the temple of Ceres, surely among the most beautiful Doric temples of Europe. These temples are counted among the most important archaeological remains of the Magna Grecia. The site is very vast because it comprises the old city, the city wall with its gates and defence towers. You can still admire the antique roman stone paved roads, the foundation walls, the ruins of the amphitheatre, the gymnasium and the agora. By the way, in the museum you can visit the famous Greek fresco The tomb of the diver. Mozzarella farm – For groups who are not only interested in culture, we have the possibility to visit the famous and traditionally working mozzarella farm Vannullo near Paestum. There you can not only visit the buffalo farm but even take part at a demonstration of mozzarella making with an English-speaking guide. Obviously you will even taste the famous buffalo mozzarella. Salerno – In the region Campania, Salerno is the second largest industrial and commercial city after Naples. For those particularly interested in culture, in this provincial capital you can visit the 11th century dome of Salerno, which is one of the biggest Norman examples of architecture in south Italy. It gives shelter to pope Gregorius’ VII grave and the tomb of the Apostle Matthew. Salerno is even a very beautiful university town. The dome with its small alleys all around, the haven, the sea front promenade with palms and view on the Amalfi coast are a must for every tourist. Moreover, the city centre is ideal for a nice walk or shopping afternoon. Example of excursion – Departure from the hotel after breakfast at 9.30 to the mozzarella farm Vannullo (1 hour). Two hours are planned for the visit. At 12.30 we drive on to Paestum. From 13:00 to 15.30 visit to the archaeological site and museum of Paestum. At 15.30 we drive further on to Salerno (approx. 30 min. drive). Here we have 3 hours for the visit and shopping. Departure 19.00. Back to the hotel (approx. 20:00) dinner. We welcome any program change requests. Prices per person. All prices are subject to change. - Paestum + Salerno 23€ - Paestum + Mozzarella farm 23€ - Paestum + Mozzarella farm + Salerno 25€ Admission prices to the excavations of Paestum and museum: - adults 4€ (+2,50 €) - <25 and seniors 2€ (+2,50 €) - Free admission 18 and under, student groups with list. Guided tour at the mozzarella farm: - 3 € per person (no price reduction)

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